Volunteers Needed For 2018:

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One of the critical ingredients in a successful triathlon is volunteers. Volunteers make it possible to conduct a safe, well-organized event. In a triathlon, volunteers are needed in a variety of areas. At the end of the day, you’ll feel like you made a valuable contribution to the success of the race. You will also feel appreciated – triathletes are known to be a very appreciative group. It won’t be unusual for many participants to thank you for your contribution during the race.You’ll find the atmosphere to be electric. If you volunteer, we urge you to be energetic and enthusiastic, but above all, HAVE FUN!
TTK4_2013Typical Jobs
Swim Course:
These volunteers will assist with the check-in procedure of triathletes prior to the beginning of the swim. Volunteers will count the number of laps finished by the athlete and alert the athlete when only 1 lap remains. At the end of the swim, volunteers will direct the athletes in the appropriate direction. Volunteers are asked to also keep spectators out of the way during the race.
Bike Course:
Volunteers on the bike course are there to direct the participants to turn the appropriate way at certain intersections. Event organizers mark each turn with brightly colored turn signs and orange spray chalk on the road surfaces. Volunteers are equipped with bright orange vests and orange flags.
Run Course:
Volunteers on the run course have the responsibility of directing participants at certain turns. Volunteers will have orange flags. Point the orange flag towards the turn – don’t wave it.

IMG_3671 (Small)Transition Area:
The transition area is the fenced in area containing all the bike racks. This area sees action the entire time. Here are the basic responsibilities for transition area volunteers:Near the event transition area, volunteers are provided with clipboards that contain a variety of frequently asked questions. Volunteers will be stationed at the two entrances to the transition area. They will be asked to keep spectators out of the transition area. The transition area is for participants only. Participants know this and have been told repeatedly. In addition to the this job, the volunteers will be answering basic questions from participants using these clipboards (Where is registration? Where are the port-a-lets? etc.)

During the event transition area volunteers will become traffic cops – directing participants out the appropriate exits of the transition area. They will continue to keep any wandering spectators out of the transition area.